NeuARt II Demo Package - Septum Lateral Data

The following instructions will descirbe how to install the demonstration package for the Lateral Septum Data presented by L.W. Swanson Laboratory. A simple example of downloading the 'LSc. d PHAL' data set from the database will also be illustrated to demonstrate the usage of NeuARt II.

Before running the installer, you need the MySQL database version 4.1 and the latest version of NeuARt II installed in your system (They can be downloaded from here). In addition, the published atlas 'L.W. Swanson Brain Maps 2nd Edition' needs to be imported into your NeuARt II system and a licensed atlas CD requires to be presented in your CD drive. If you need instructions regarding how to import a published atlas, please click here. More information about the atlas CD for this data package can be found in the publisher's website.

1. Double-click on the installer. The setup wizard, shown as screenshot 1, will guide you through the intallation process. Please press the 'Next' button in the wizard.

Screenshot 1

2. The MySQL database login dialog, shown as screenshot 2, may be displayed. You need to enter the administrator's login name and password and then press the 'OK' button. Skip this step if the database authentication dialog is not shown.

Screenshot 2

3. When the installation process is finished, the Lateral Septum data have been installed in your database and please start your NeuARt II application.

4. Please place the licensed CD of 'L.W. Swanson Brain Maps 2nd Edition' into your CD drive, specify its path in the popup dialog shown in screenshot 3, and press 'OK' button. The atlas should be loaded into your workspace. If you have multiple atlases imported in your system, you need to make sure you select the corrensponding altas (L.W. Swanson Brain Maps 2nd Edition).

Screenshot 3

5. Press the 'Connect Database' button in the NeuARt II's system toolbar and click on the 'Download data from database' menu item shown as screenshot 4.

Screenshot 4

6. A query form, shown as screenshot 5, will be displayed and please press the 'executeQuery' button to perform a simple query.

Screenshot 5

7. A list of query result, shown as screenshot 6, will be displayed. Please select the 'LSc. d PHAL' item and press the 'displayView' button.

Screenshot 6

8. The 'LSc. d PHAL' data will be downloaded from the database into NeuARt II. This step is shown in the screenshot 7.

Screenshot 7

9. Right-click on the 'LSc. d PHAL' item in the 'Data Map' panel shown as screenshot 8. Please click on the 'Level 21' in the popup menu.

Screenshot 8

10. As shown in screenshot 9, the 'LSc. d PHAL' data at level 21 will be displayed. You may download other data sets into NeuARt II by repeating the step 5 through 10.

Screenshot 9

If you encounter problems, please use the Sourceforge discussion groups or submit a bug report. If you like to receive future announcements regarding to the software release, please subscribe the mailing list.