NeuARt II Software

We are very pleased to announce the release of the NeuARt II system as an installation package. As with any commercial software, download the package, double-click on the installer and the system guide you through the process of installing NeuARt II. This system should be considered an early (and therefore potentially somewhat fragile) production release.

Note that all downloads are hosted by SourceForge and are therefore anonymous. This means that official reviewers of our work can download and run the software without compromising their anonymity.

The system is available for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux. Users without MySQL pre-installed on their machine will either need to download the binary with MySQL bundled or download MySQL separately.

The JRE (Java Runtime Environment) is required in order to run NeuARt II. Currently NeuARt II is tested under JRE 1.4 and may not function properly under JRE 1.5. Users without JRE pre-installed on their machine will either need to download the binary version with JRE bundled or download JRE separately. Users with JRE 1.5 are recommended to download the binary version with JRE bundled.


Mac OS X

note: after extensive testing, we have found that attempting to bundle MySQL with our MacOSX installation package did not work. For Tiger, and Panther systems, use the following link to download a compatible version of MySQL:

These packages can be installed in the usual way for any application. Users are advised to go through a 'typical' install for MySQL and to remember the root password, since that is what you will be using to initialize NeuARt II when you run it for the first time.


Note: Due to the great amount of MySQL servers are available for different Linux machines, please use the following link to download the version for your machine:

Demonstration Package



We are aware that there is a great need for documentation and a users manual, which we will be furnishing in the immediate future.

If you encounter problems, please use the Sourceforge discussion groups or submit a bug report. If you like to receive future announcements regarding to the software release, please subscribe the mailing list..